About Us

Heart & Vascular Associates is a group composed of four cardiologists. Our group members have graduated from and trained in some of the most prestigious institutions in the country (Harvard, Yale, MIT, Stanford) and around the world. All of us are board certified in Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Diseases. Most of our group members have additional board certification in interventional cardiology or electrophysiology. In addition, our practice places a major focus of on preventive cardiology.

Several of us have spent time as full-time faculty members at leading medical schools, where we led cutting-edge research programs and helped train cardiologists. We have continued our commitment to advancing medical science, with publications in the medical literature. Additionally, several of us have medical device patents that we have licensed or sold to major medical device companies (Medtronic Inc., Boston Scientific Corp., and Johnson & Johnson Inc.). We also share our expertise by consulting with medical device companies in the area. We frequently speak to community groups and other organizations about cardiovascular issues and one of us lectures at a local cooking school.

Our Mission

Our group’s mission is to provide outstanding cardiovascular care that is individualized, compassionate and understanding. The diagnostic and therapeutic approach we utilize comes from a combination of outstanding training, clinical experience and well-established studies from the medical literature.

Who We Are

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